Here is some information, if you will to travel by car: in general the road condition in Bulgaria is good. There are many new gas stations. According to the traffic law the maximum speed on a highway is 140 km/h, in localities is 50 km/h, on country roads is 90 km/h. The 0.5 ‰ - alcohol regulation is applied. Phone calls while driving are forbidden. Fastening seat belt is mandatory. Car hiring is available at the reception and through your guide.


The entry of the apotheke is from the street side in Estreya Residence Hotel.Opening hours from 9:00 till 20:00.

Baby couch

Free of charge. Refer to the reception if you need baby couch.


Are not allowed.


The voltage in your room is 220 V 50Hz. There is a device on the wall in the corridor of each room that enables the electricity after the hotel keycard is put in it.

Lost and found

Refer to the reception either if you have found or if you have lost something.

Air conditioning

Air conditioner in your room turns off automatically when the balcony door is opened.

Bank cards

Mastercard, VISA, Maestro are accepted.


The mini bar is regularly controlled and filled up. We kindly ask you not to keep your own food in that mini bar. If you need a refrigerator for this purpose, we would be glad to place at your disposal one against fee of 5,00 lv. per day.

Currency Exchange

There is a currency exchange desk in Estreya Palace Hotel. Traveler cheques and credit cards are also accepted. Opening hours from 9:00 to 21:00.

Official holidays

1. January: New Year
3. March: Liberation Day, the day of Bulgaria's release from Ottoman Rule
(orthodox calendar): Easter
1. May: Labour and International Workers Solidarity Day
6. May: Saint George's Day - Day of the Bulgarian Army and Valour
24. May: Day of Bulgarian Learning and Culture, and the Slavonic Script
6. September: Union Day
25.-26. December: Christmas day

Посолства / Embassy / Botschaft

Deutsche Botschaft in Bulgarien - 1113 Sofia Frederic Joliot Curie Str., 25 Tel. Nr. 02 9634518 (Zentrale), 02/9634101(Konsularabteilung)
Österreichische Botschaft in Bulgarien - Sofia 02/9811721.
British Embassy - 9 Moskovska Str. Sofia 1000, tel: 02/ 933 9222
Посольство Русской Федерации в гор. София адрес: София, ул. "Ф. Ж. Кюри" № 23 тел: (02) 963-16-63

Room Service

Room-service is available only in emergency cases, like illness for example.


For your comfort and security In Estreya Palace is a safe box in the reception desk. Safe box in Estreya Residence is in the hotelroom. The hotel management regrets that it cannot be held responsible for the loss of any object that has not been deposited in the safe box. The services is against charge.

Phone calls in Estreya Palace

Reception Estreya Palace: 600
Reception Estreya Residence: 8600
SPA Center: 8602
Restaurant: 501
Doctor: 505
To call someone in hotel room please dial the number of the room.
To call someone in suite or family room:
01A - 701 06A - 706 11A - 711 31A - 731
02A - 702 07A - 707 12A - 712 32A - 732
03A - 703 08A - 708 21A - 721
04A - 704 09A - 709 22A - 722
For international calls dial first "0" then the dial prefix of the country, then the prefix of the city without first zero.

Phone calls in Estreya Residence

Reception Estreya Residence: 600
Reception Estreya Palace: 82600
SPA centre: 602
Restaurant: 82501
Doctor: 82505
To call someone in hotel room please dial the number of the room.
To call someone in suite:
11A - 611 31A - 631
12A - 612 32A - 632
13A - 613 33A - 633
21A - 621 41A - 641
22A - 622 42A - 642
23A - 623 43A - 643
51A - 651
52A - 652
53A - 653
For international calls dial first "9" then the dial prefix of the country, then the prefix of the city without first zero.

Some country dial prefixes

Germany: 0049
USA: 001
Great Britain: 0044
Holland: 0031
Russia: 007
Ukraine: 00380

Phones emergency

First call the reception! : 600
EU - Emergency numer: 112


Lounges are available at the pools(free of charge) and on the beach(charged).


Guests become their beach towel and SPA-bathrobe at the reception, SPA-bathrobes are available against deposit.

Hotel credit

Within your arrival you receive a card at the receptiondesk which enables you to use to mark all of your bills at the bars and the restaurant without paying in cash. Each time you use the card you should authorize this operation with your signature. The amount is automatically accumulated on your room account. The loss of the card is charged 10,00 lv.